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Leiningen Vs The Ants Essay Topics

Leiningen vs. the Ants Essay

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A hero is “one that shows great courage” according to Webster’s Dictionary. In Leiningen versus the Ants by Carl Stephenson, the protagonist Leiningen can be considered a hero. Not only does he risk his life to save his peon workers and farm, but he is respected by all in every way, shape, and form. Although he has many advantageous characteristics, he also has some that are quite dubious, making a slight dent in his bold delineation. In total, Leiningen has both positive and problematic attributes, but overall he can still be viewed as a heroic figure. Many positive features contribute to Leiningen’s character. Being extremely confident by nature, Leiningen uses this trait to help him in all possible ways. In addition to being…show more content…

“Moreover, during his three years as a planter, Leiningen had met and defeated drought, Hood, plague and all other ‘acts of God’ which had come against him - unlike his fellow settlers who had little or no resistance. This unbroken success he attributed solely to the observance of his lifelong motto: The human brain needs only to become fully aware of its powers to conquer even the elements…intelligence, directed aright, invariably makes man the master of his fate.” (Page 552)
Because of his reckless and overly-confident nature, he put the lives of many on the line of death. But on top of this, Leiningen is also very lazy at times, too. “…the farmer [Leiningen] ate his supper with considerable appetite and went to bed. His slumbers were in no wise disturbed by the memory of the waiting, live, twenty square miles.” (Page 559) Basically, while his peon-workers slaved away preparing for attack throughout the whole night, Leiningen slept soundly and placidly without a care of the coming monsters. Trapped in his own little world of arrogance and oblivion, Leiningen mistakenly underestimated the power and grave deadliness of the impending ants which ultimately had the potential to destroy him, his workers and even his farm in a matter of hours. Lastly, even though Leiningen’s temperament can be viewed as both positive and problematic, he is still a hero at heart. For him, everything must be done right the first time.

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In any story, characters are made from an author, but they actually living in the story. They have their own particular traits that human has. People can be describe as many type of people by the traits they has, and just like the characters in the story can be describe as a type of person. In story “Leiningen versus the Ants” by Carl Stephenson was an example of shown that Leiningen a characters could be describe as a intelligent, respectable leader and a brave person.

This story was basically about the battle between the human and the ants which can eat any thing up. It shows the human versus the nature too, Leiningen as the human, and the ants as the nature. Any way, one trait Leiningen has was intelligent. In the story the quote “Even here in this Brazilian wilderness, his brain had triumphed over every difficulty and danger it had so far encountered. ”(p#1) shows Leiningen was smart because this quote had simplify he use his brain to limit to come of a plan and use it helping people.

Also the quote “When I began this model farm and plantation three years ago, I took into account all that could conceivably happen to it” (p#1) exactly saying he is intelligent, because he made a model farm that mean he already have a plan three years ago, it hard for anyone to come of a plan so he is smart. Also he use only his mind to imagine out any thing could happen, he think of any possibility and add it to the plan. Another trait Leiningen been describe is respectable leader.

In the story the quote “But so great was the Indian’s trust in Leiningen, in Leiningen’s words, and in Leiningen’s wisdom, that they received his curt tidings, and his orders for the imminent struggle, with the calmness in which they were given”(p#1) demonstrates because of Leiningen’s hard work on the plantation and receiving the challenge of ants. He has successfully amassed the support of the most resulting in his role as a leader for his people the Indians. People listen to him, they trust him, so in the quote they were calm.

Also another quote show he was a respectable leader is “Such, indeed, was his aura of confidence that the Indians forgot their stupefied fear of the peril only a yard or two away. ” (p#4) because Leiningen change the fear of his people, made them forgot the fear of the peril very near. If someone do that it only the one who lead the group. The Indians follow Leiningen even the feeling, this prove they trust in Leiningen, and start to being into one unity group with Leiningen as the head, the Indians as the other parts.

The last trait describe Leiningen was that he was brave, in the story the quote “You’re insane! They’re not creatures you can fight—they’re an elemental—an ‘act of God! ’ Ten miles long, two miles wide—ants, nothing but ants! And every single one of them a fiend from hell; before you can spit three times they’ll eat a full-grown buffalo to the bones. ”(p#1) phrase that scariness and dangerous of the ants, and how many of them. Also tell that Leiningen not afraid of them, still plan a plantation to stop them, he is brave.

I beg any one heard of that much of ants be scared but not Leiningen, his brave get his way, he is brave enough to fight god. Another quote is “The moment I’m over the ditch, set fire to the petrol. That’ll allow time for the flood to do the trick. Then all you have to do is wait here all snug and quiet till I’m back. Yes, I’m coming back, trust me” (p#10) say that Leiningen has decided a very hard choice to scarify himself to flood away the terrify ants. But he stilled did even though it might lose his life, but he is brave enough to do it.

In conclusion, story “Leiningen versus the Ants” by Carl Stephenson shows an example of characters in a story actually living in their, by their own personality, in a story character is a living person. Just like Leiningen, in the story he been described as a intelligent person, a respectable leader, and a brave person supported by his actions and thoughts. With all these traits he also could be view as a heroic person, because all he did is not a normal person can do. We should follow his footsteps to becoming a better person, to protect your love.

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