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Fight With Best Friend Essay

For the longest time, I was only able to get the supporting role in life. And though you may be thinking, “I didn’t know Safa was an actress," well, I’m not. I literally mean that I always focused on helping others and making them happy for the first 13 years of my life. As the years passed, nothing of significance appeared to stand out in my memories, only glimpses of amusement parks and birthday parties.

Perhaps it was because my long-term memory is weak, or maybe those years were blurry because I didn't focus on myself. When I looked at others, I even saw them as bystanders in their own stories. Other friends tell me that they remember most of their childhood adventures clearly, but I can't say the same because my brain didn't mark my childhood as something that I played a significant role in.

Thankfully, I can tell you that every moment of the last three years is crystal clear because of the precious friends I've made in high school, especially my five best friends. These girls have given me the motivation to become a better person for myself and for others. I used to want to live a "normal" life and only engage in necessary activities but nowadays, I find myself wanting to do more, to do things that I'm interested in and wanting to invest myself in.

When I was younger, I loved writing about anything, and I even won second place in the Reflections Contest in middle school. This year, I joined Odyssey because I wanted to revive the girl who always passionately transferred her words to paper, regardless of the topic. I've started reading books for my enjoyment again, rather than simply for school assignments. A few days ago, I picked up "Coma" by Robin Cooke because I hadn't picked up a medical thriller (my favorite genre) since seventh grade.

There are so many more little things that I've begun to do that bring me joy in the midst of my overwhelming exams and assignments, all thanks to my supportive friends who inspire me and remind me that it's okay to indulge in myself.

Neha writes beautiful stories for her growing fan-base on Tumblr (I'm her #1 fan).

Divya is a devoted gamer and watches true crime shows.

Michelle uses her marvelous looks and brain to ace math competitions (she isn't a nerd, so get that stereotypical image out of your head).

Tiffany creates amazing digital art and equally amazing paintings (I take pictures of every one of her exhibitions in school).

And Emily does covers on YouTube with her lovely honey voice (I'm also her #1 fan).

Seeing them find time for the things that make them happy motivates me to do the same.

The friend who played the largest part in encouraging me to find myself was the one I made on the first day of ninth grade: Neha Satish. I will always remember those awkward but heartwarming five minutes for the rest of my life. Neha and I were both from different middle schools that didn't feed into our high school, so we didn't know anyone. We had noticed each other in first period, and we had seen each other again during lunch. My dad had come to the front lobby to pick me up at the end of the day, and Neha happened to be passing by to go to her car, too. She suddenly stopped in front of me.

“Do you want to eat lunch together tomorrow?” she asked.

I was startled to say the least, yet I was also elated. And so began our beautiful friendship. Neha knows me more than I know myself. I tell her my secrets and worries, and in return, she provides me with encouragement and comfort. Sometimes, we're the exact same person, and sometimes, we're polar opposites.

I used to be very cautious about my opinions around other people because I didn't want to hurt their feelings or cause disagreements. However, Neha and I have so many different views that we share without triggering each other. She taught me to think that my thoughts and opinions were valuable.

When anyone asks me who my role model is, I would tell them it's Neha Satish (so are you, Mom; don't freak out). Neha is a strong, loyal and reliable friend. She isn't afraid to pursue what she wants, and she knows how to make herself happy. This girl never runs out of motivational quips that always have me drowning in tears and gratitude. Without her, I would still be focused on making others happy and supporting them instead of myself.

When I told her that I wanted to start living a better life for myself, she promised me that she would help me through every step of the way and that she would make sure her shoulder was nearby when I needed someone to lean on. And finally, that she would support my every decision.

To this day, she has never broken that promise.

Maya and Julie were always best friends. They have been best friends since they were born. One day, they were playing a game of tic-tac-toe in Maya's house.

"Your turn, Julie." Maya said having fun. Julie puts a cross down.

"I win!" Julie smiled. The girls laughed together and decided to play again. Julie puts a cross and then Maya puts a circle, then Julie puts a cross and she began to confess that she won.

"I win again!" Julie cheered having fun. But, Maya didn't look happy.

"You cheated, Julie!" Maya shouted.

"No I didn't!" Julie argued back.

"You took two turns!" Maya bawled angrily at her friend.

"No I didn't!" Julie bawled louder and angrier at her friend.

"Julie, I don't want to play with you anymore!" Maya screamed looking away.

"And I don't want to play with you anymore!" Julie yelled.

Maya and Julie suddenly got into a fight. They turned their backs on each other and decided to not be best friends anymore. Julie's mother arrived and was ready to pick up her daughter.

"Julie Darling, say goodbye to Maya." Julie's mother reminded her.

"I am NOT going to ever talk to her." Julie shouted ignorantly pointing to Maya.

"And I am NOT going to ever talk to her, she's NOT my best friend anymore." Maya yelled pointing to Julie.

Maya sighed. Julie just left the house without saying goodbye to Maya. Mum began to notice that Maya and Julie began to not get along together.

It was time for dinner. Maya was feeling miserable even when she came to the dinner table.

"Is there anything wrong, Maya?" Dad asked her.

"Maya just had a fight with Julie." Mum answered.

"Julie and I fought, but I miss her a little bit." Maya sighed downheartedly.

"Do you want to speak to her then?" Mum smiled.

Mum grabbed her mobile phone and began to ring Julie's mother.

"Can Maya speak to Julie please?" Mum questioned Julie's mother. Mum now passed the phone to her daughter.

"Hi Julie," Maya spoke unhappily. "I miss you being a friend."

"Me too, I think we should be best friends again." Julie replied miserably.

"I am very sorry for saying that you cheated. Even if you did." Maya said.

Julie grunted and just switched off the phone.

"Julie switched off the phone." Maya said. "That does not work. But I can find another best friend."

At school the kids were playing their favourite games. Kyle and his best friend Jim were playing chess together. James and his best friend Desmond were playing with the lego together. Julie was drawing by herself. Maya was fixing a jigsaw puzzle by herself. There came Vivian who wanted to play with the jigsaw puzzle.

"Of course Vivian you can play with the jigsaw. Julie is not my best friend anymore. So you can be my best friend." Maya smiled grabbing Vivian's arm.

"But, my best friend is Penny." Vivian told her. Penny came to Vivian and Maya didn't look happy seeing them having fun together.

Drawing alone, there came Claudia approaching the felt tips.

"Claudia," Julie said. "If you like, we can be best friends."

"But, my best friend is Molly." Claudia told her. Suddenly they began drawing together. Julie sighed.

Suddenly the teacher Ms. Merry came over to Julie, because she was alone.

"Julie, are you ok?" Ms. Merry asked with concern. "It seems to me that you look bored." Maya rapidly came over to Julie. Ms. Merry looked at her. "Why don't you play with Maya?"

"I was about to do that." Maya said. "I was about to ask her to play with me."

"Good, you two were best friends for a very long time and I'm sure you are now." Ms. Merry smiled.

"We are not. I was mad at her yesterday." Maya frowned.

"Me too, but we miss our friendship. Do you know one way we can be friends again?" Julie questioned Ms. Merry.

"Well, the only way to become friends again is to apologize. Especially when you did something to make each other mad." Ms. Merry smiled. "So you should apologize now."

"Only when she apologizes first." Maya said pointing to Julie.

"No, only when she apologizes to me first. " Julie said pointing to Maya.

"Well girls, when I count to three you say 'sorry' at the same time." Ms. Merry smiled. "1........2...........3!"

"I'm sorry!" The girls apologized together. Ms. Merry beamed at them.

"Now you two are good friends. Right?" Ms. Merry said.

Julie asked Maya to draw together. But, Maya wanted to play with the jigsaw puzzles.

"But I want to play jigsaw puzzles." Maya said.

"No drawing is better!" Julie beamed.





All of a sudden, Julie had an idea. She drew both her and Maya together with a label that says 'best friends forever'.

"Julie, this is a lovely drawing of us. You are my best friend in the whole wide world!" Maya smiled happily.

"And Maya is my best friend in the whole wide world!" Julie beamed at her best friend.

Ms. Merry felt glad that the girls were best friends again. Best friends can have little fights too.

Moral: The best way to fix friendship is to apologize.

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