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Hd Film Burns Transitions For Essays

All the resources I’ve shared here on Spoon Graphics so far have been graphic design related, but today I have something a little different. I also quite enjoy a bit of videography in my spare time and this free set of film burns and transitions helps achieve some of the popular video editing styles with retro analog effects. The pack contains 30 video clips in 1080p 60fps format with colorful blurs that mimic light leaks when placed over your footage with the Screen composite mode in your favourite editing software. The clips range from 1 to 16 seconds to provide a mix of fast transitions and more prolonged overlays.

Add colourful overlays and transitions to your videos to mimic film burns and light leaks with this free pack of 30 video clips. Place a clip over your video footage then set the composite or blending mode to Screen in Final Cut or Premiere. You can also reduce the impact of the effect by adjusting the opacity if necessary, or smoothly slow the 60fps footage down to extend the clips with more gradual color changes.

Download the 30 Free Film Burns & Transitions 184mb

Here is fully customizable Film Burn / Light Leak transitions mini pack (~10 clips). Few of the transitions have nice lens flare effects.


Hope you'll enjoy it, and if you do - use, like and share it!



Download it here: http://www.cutestockfootage.com/free/video/film-burns-light-leaks-transitions/

These transitions should work great with your films, music videos, weddings, sport scenes, motion graphics and other video projects.

Don't worry that almost all of them have blue/violet color. You can simply change that color to one you want by adding Levels, Color Balance or HSL (Hue-Saturation-Lightness) Color Adjustment filters to that video layer and play around with the filter properties. Look how we did it - here is our example video "Sea" which was done by using only these free HD transition variations.



Thumbnail examples:

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